McCormick and Boyd Law Firm maximizes its commercial clients’ opportunities regardless of the industry in which they thrive. Aside from being professional trial lawyers and court room advocates, our attorneys have valuable business experience to ensure our clients are in the best position possible to make decisions that further their objectives.

The earlier you involve McCormick and Boyd Law Firm in your business, the better your chances are to minimize unforeseen problems that can affect your bottom line. McCormick and Boyd Law Firm offers advice beginning with entity formation that continues through the growth of your company. Our attorneys also assist clients in developing proactive business plans that allow them to use resources to advance their business objectives instead of spending them in the courtroom.

However, McCormick and Boyd Law Firm is ready to vigorously advocate for your interests in the event litigation is necessary. Our attorneys have over sixty years of combined courtroom experience and are no strangers from trying cases in front of juries.

Our attorneys also offer seminars to clients in hot topics such as protecting the company, perfecting construction lien and bond claims, and the employer/employee workplace dynamic. If you want to gain an edge over your competitors or if you need experienced advocates in your corner of the courtroom, please contact the professionals at McCormick and Boyd Law Firm.