INDUSTRY | Mass Tort and Toxic Tort Litigation

For well over 15 years, lawyers at McCormick and Boyd Law Firm have a long and successful history of involvement in thousands of cases involving mass tort or toxic tort allegations. These actions varied from a single individual pursuing a claim against a handful of manufacturers, suppliers and premises owners to actions involving hundreds of plaintiffs making claims against hundreds of defendants, including product manufacturers, wholesale product distributors, product retailers, petrochemical giants, plant owners, small businesses and property owners. Examples of such litigation include silicosis, asbestosis, auto-immune disorders, chemical exposure, carcinogenic exposure, occupational exposure and diminished property value claims.

"Toxic Tort is unlike any other area of practice. Years of experience have enabled us to gain the depth of knowledge and the breadth of experience needed to succeed in this realm of litigation."

Mass tort and toxic tort litigation is a highly complex and challenging area of the law and is recognized as such by courts in all jurisdictions. Through years of involvement in such litigation, McCormick and Boyd Law Firm has developed invaluable experience in the complexities of such litigation. Complex litigation of this nature is often placed in certain courts in which the judges have received special training and have developed special expertise regarding such cases. Attorneys at McCormick and Boyd Law Firm have appeared in such courts on numerous occasions and have developed insight and expertise in the practice requirements in these courts. Furthermore, attorneys at McCormick and Boyd Law Firm have developed amicable professional relationships over the years with counsel on both sides of the docket specializing in such litigation.

The highly complex nature of mass tort and toxic tort litigation often requires multiple expert disciplines. The areas of expertise involved vary widely, ranging from medical issues requiring such specialties as pulmonology, rheumatology, radiology, oncology, toxicology and epidemiology to causation issues requiring expertise in industrial hygiene, governmental regulations and environmental historians, and extending further to damages issues requiring the expertise of specialists such as economists, actuaries, and property appraisers. Through the years, McCormick and Boyd Law Firm has worked closely with highly regarded and well-qualified experts in each of these disciplines in order to better educate and represent clients.

Although the nature of mass tort and toxic tort litigation is highly complex, McCormick and Boyd Law Firm has been quite successful through the years in ascertaining the pivotal issues involved and then conveying those issues in a fashion that is understandable by clients, judges and juries. Furthermore, this firm has successfully managed such large cases with a fundamentally sound organizational structure that was "user friendly" for the client. By implementing such an administration and organizational program, McCormick and Boyd Law Firm has been able to achieve favorable results for its clients while managing the litigation in a cost-effective and cost-conscious manner.