INDUSTRY | Explosion and Fire-Related Losses

An understanding of fire science and the experience to reduce the technical or complex to an understandable concept is the linchpin of success in explosion and fire-related losses. At McCormick and Boyd Law Firm, we have prosecuted and defended claims from investigation through trial in all types of fire losses including natural gas explosions, electrical failures, oilfield blowouts, automobile fires, and building fires of various causes, including arson. We have also investigated and litigated cases involving fires that have occurred in a variety of manufacturing processes, including the steel fabrication, oil and gas, and petrochemical industries. We have cultivated strong working relationships with the top investigators and experts in the industry necessary to get to the bottom of any catastrophic loss.

At the administrative level, we have worked with OSHA to keep our clients operational while post-accident investigations are completed.

“Terrific lawyers often stumble when trying a fire case, particularly arson. The gloves must come off as soon as the investigation is completed and the team must have the resolve to try the case from the filing of the first pleading.”