INDUSTRY | Trucking Litigation

In the context of commercial trucking, McCormick and Boyd Law Firm regularly advises clients about the regulatory schemes promulgated by the Surface Transportation Board and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and how such regulations effect the liabilities of both private and common carriers as well as the issues surrounding bailments and carrier-shipper relationships. Whether the issue emanates from a bill of lading, unclaimed freight, an injury during the loading or unloading process, damage to property or injuries to persons or livestock during the shipping process, McCormick and Boyd Law Firm can help solve any problem relating to the transportation of freight or livestock anywhere in the country.

At McCormick and Boyd Law Firm, we understand the trucking business, not only from the standpoint of its integral role in our economy, but also from the vantage point of the business of shipping freight and the relationship between federal and state law. When an accident occurs, it helps to have lawyers who have spent time behind the wheel of tractor/trailer rigs, loaded and unloaded freight, labored under the guidelines and principles of collective bargaining agreements and litigated both property losses and injury claims. In his college years, Mike McCormick actually made his way by driving trucks and working the loading docks of various trucking companies. When litigating whether a driver has safely operated his rig, it helps to have an attorney who can read a log book and know whether the driver recorded sufficient rest time to avoid accusations of inattentiveness. McCormick and Boyd Law Firm has handled claims ranging from loss of property in shipping to catastrophic injury claims resulting from accidents and mishaps.

With the enactment of NAFTA and the resulting opening of our borders with Canada and Mexico to long haul trucking, it pays to have attorneys who understand the industry and regularly follow the work of the federal agencies that succeeded the old Interstate Commerce Commission. It is even more important to have attorneys who have litigated a wide variety of cases ranging from those involving catastrophic losses to accidents involving hazardous materials to comparatively smaller property damage claims.

“Catastrophic consequences can result from minor lapses in judgment. Whether you're a victim of a catastrophe or a defendant in need of justice uncolored by sympathy or emotion, it is McCormick and Boyd Law Firm's mission to stand in your shoes and bring every tool we have to bear to give your case the life it needs to be persuasive.”