INDUSTRY | Oilfield Controversies

McCormick and Boyd Law Firm has successfully litigated a number of oil-field accident cases and successfully tried a suit stemming from the largest on-shore oilfield accident in American history. We have tried wrongful death and property damage claims stemming from natural gas recompletion projects, drilling, wireline and perforation operations and explosions and work-related injuries suffered by those making their living in the oil-field business. We have litigated on behalf of oilfield start up companies and their employees and have helped secure and perfect investment opportunities for drilling rights and exploration. We have worked with OSHA and safety engineers to accomplish a plan that satisfies OSHA and thereby permits the client to quickly resume its business following a catastrophe and a subsequent shutdown pending an OSHA investigation. In this unique area of the law, McCormick and Boyd Law Firm has developed experience necessary to navigate through the administrative obstacles while keeping the issues of the ultimate lawsuit in mind.

“Seemingly small errors have catastrophic consequences in the oil and gas industry. From natural gas recompletions to blowout preventer failures to virtually any failure in the drilling operation, McCormick and Boyd Law Firm has the experience to navigate the oil and gas landscape effectively and efficiently.”