ORGANIZATIONS | Associations

McCormick and Boyd Law Firm has extensive experience representing various organizations and knowing how to deal with the unique circumstances and various laws that are organization-specific. McCormick and Boyd Law Firm is a trusted partner with various trade organizations and home owner associations. We know the pitfalls that come with being an organization and how to provide guidance that allows the organization to achieve its purposes, be that through asserting claims, defending litigation, ensuring compliance, drafting and reviewing various contracts, or just providing basic guidance.

Trade associations

Trade organizations are organized and supported in order to advance common goals of various trades that might not be able to assert their influence otherwise. Each trade organization is unique and at McCormick and Boyd Law Firm we take it upon ourselves to know the intimate details of each organization we represent so that we can help our clients expand their influence and forge new relationships. We will work with you in advertising, marketing, education, political donations, and lobbying to ensure compliance with various laws including political contribution regulations and to ensure that you are not exposed to false advertising claims. Yet every coin has two sides. We recognize that as influence increases so does exposure. With this exposure, trade organizations are often targeted by individuals seeking to make a profit off of the organization, decrease its influence, or cause its collapse. When an organization is faced with such a threat, as experienced trial lawyers we aggressively fight for the organization to ensure that it maintains its influence, its financial base and its very existence.

Homeowners associations

Homeowners associations (HOAs) (a/k/a community associations or homes associations) are like salt to a great meal, you don’t notice when they are there but you sure take notice when it is missing. HOAs exist for the common good of the communities they represent. They exist to protect home values in the community by enforcing by-laws and restrictive covenants developed to ensure that properties in the community are maintained. They are often staffed by home owners volunteering their time and efforts to the community. Most home owners abide by the policies governing their homes, but every once and a while a bad apple will emerge. That’s when it helps to have McCormick and Boyd Law Firm on your side. We will draft letters to home owners who have committed repeated or egregious violations of the regulations. Should that fail to shock the violator into compliance, McCormick and Boyd Law Firm is the law firm you want and need to file claims in court against non-complying homeowners. In addition to enforcing community standards, McCormick and Boyd Law Firm is a trusted partner with HOAs in drafting and modifying deed restrictions, defending against claims that the HOA or its members have violated fiduciary duties, defending against claims of arbitrary and capricious enforcement of by-laws, educating the association about state and federal regulations applicable to community associations, and ensuring compliance with Fair Housing Standards.