Victims of Accidents or Catastrophe

McCormick and Boyd Law Firm has an extensive practice involving the prosecution and defense of personal injury, property damage and economic loss cases based on tort theories of recovery, including negligence, gross negligence, products liability, workplace injury, intentional tort claims, wrongful death, survivor actions, catastrophic injury, nursing home liability, church liability, false imprisonment, RICO and fraud.

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Our lawyers handle personal injury cases in state and federal courts throughout Texas and nationwide. McCormick and Boyd Law Firm’s trial lawyers aggressively investigate and defend personal injury claims of any type with the goal of winning through an early summary judgment, an advantageous settlement or a favorable jury verdict. Few can match our consistent success at the courthouse.

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If you are the victim of a motor vehicle accident and want us to evaluate your case, please complete our Client Intake Form—Personal Injury—Motor Vehicle Collision.

“Whether you’re a victim of a catastrophic tragedy or the defendant in need of a fair and just solution, uncolored by sympathy or emotion, you need lawyers who possess the integrity, character, empathy and understanding of your unique situation. To us, zealous representation means standing with you, in your shoes, with your daily challenges and triumphs. Quality lawyering is about forming strong relationships and seeing them through.”