INDUSTRY | Manufacturing and Construction Litigation : Mechanics' and Materialmen's Liens

If you are a contractor or supplier and have performed work or supplied materials on property but need to make sure you get paid, you may be able to file a Mechanics’ and Materialmen’s Lien. Filing such a lien won’t guarantee payment but it will substantially improve your chances of getting paid, because the lien will protect you if the property is sold.

You only have limited time in which to file your lien and whether you will be able to file a lien varies substantially, depending on whether the property is residential or commercial. If the property is residential, your ability to file a lien will depend on whether your contract fulfills certain requirements. 

If you want Mike McCormick and Boyd Law Firm to help you with a lien, print our lien request form and send it to us or call us with the information requested on it.