Over the years I’ve witnessed atorneys announcing their skills in various mediums (social media, television, billboards) and have been embarrassed for my profession as I see lawyers scream at the cameras or ride across the TV screen on bull or any number of other ploys to get attention.  I am a trial lawyer-- not an actor, merchandiser or ad executive--but I believe my firm is most accurately described as a collaborative partner, helping our clients navigate difficult legal challenges in a number of settings: accidents, business disputes, environmental issues or any number of other conflicts. In a series of video messages like this one, you’ll see the areas we’re comfortable offering assistance. After all, at McCormick & Boyd, we’re here for you. I hope you find this departure refreshing.


Individuals and businesses alike face complex challenges that require a partnership with competent counsel.

The business environment in which we operate has placed a premium on effective legal counsel. Businesses must operate strategically and tactically to avoid the potholes that accompany any misstep. The legal services provided by Mike McCormick and Tyler Boyd extend beyond the analysis of applicable statutes and case law. We want to "walk a mile in your moccasins" and truly partner with you to solve your legal issues, from both a preventative standpoint and a solution perspective.

Individuals encounter legal challenges from the moment they wake to the final minute before their heads hit the pillow. An accident or tragedy to a friend or loved one; an employment problem or opportunity; acquisition or sale of a home, realty, or personal property or securities; family discord or the death of a loved one each create unique legal challenges that only a trusted friend in the legal business can provide.

Insurance companies owe duties defined by both case law and statutes. Our representation of carriers as well as our efforts to enforce their obligations on behalf of their insureds have given us a unique perspective of insurance coverages, property and casualty concerns, risk management and subrogation in a way that few firms can match.

At McCormick and Boyd Law Firm we are committed to you-whether in your home or place of business. Click the "About" tab and allow us to assist you in navigating the always changing and ever challenging legal waters of the 21st century.

McCormick and Boyd Law Firm

Handling major accident cases since 1985, McCormick and Boyd bring common sense solutions to catastrophic circumstances. This year alone, McCormick and Boyd have negotiated multiple settlements in advance of even filing suit and others that have resolved early on in the process. It’s been said that, “Justice delayed is justice denied,” and the lawyers and staff at McCormick and Boyd work efficiently and diligently to ensure the best possible result in the minimum amount of time. But if justice cannot be obtained without court involvement, our lawyers have a depth of trial experienced unmatched by most of our competitors and results that instill confidence in our clients that they have made the right selection in choosing McCormick and Boyd.